Dariush Mastoori

Dariush Mastoori

Brand Visual Leader

Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS)

I am a visual brand identity designer and a accompanier for the Client /Audience who are ready to transform their business.
Work experience and co working with professionals has taught me that "Listening is the first way to see". Hence, I start my job with listening to your brand problems, business delicate matters, and concerns. Then I visualize your organizational values, distinctions, and mission by exploring the essence of brand as a pictorial story (with symbols, colors, word art, etc) in order to be viewed by your audience.
During years of work, experience, and training in brand identity design and brand leadership I have found out that creating a dynamic, integrated, and unique visual identity is the most fundamental action to link and build the trust between the consumer and the brand.
Design and thinking about brands is not a profession for me, Yet I mean to be mentally engaged with designing and searching for a suitable solution every moment.

delighted to accompany you on this way.

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